Omni Fitness Centers

Inviting Facilities
We always ask ourselves “How can we provide the best possible customer experience”. You will enjoy modern, clean, luxurious facilities. You will never feel like you are waiting in line to use any of our equipment in our spacious facility. And most importantly, you will feel welcome and comfortable with your very first visit.
Outstanding Programs
Our staff brings to you, through many years of experience and a constant drive to incorporate the latest fitness trends, the very best programs.
Caring People
Our friendly staff will motivate and inspire you with their passion to help you achieve your fitness goals and to have fun along the way. All of our Instructors and Trainers are Nationally Certified and continuously pursue ongoing education.



Omni Fitness has changed my life. I now look forward to coming to work out due to the encouragement of the staff. Thanks to Omni I am on my way to being the “best” I can be!

Debbie Shehan, Member Since 2010 - Rock Hill, SC


Omni is a great place to workout! The mood is always very up-beat and the staff is so friendly.

Meagan Dailey, Member Since 2010 - Rock Hill, SC


As a member for two and a half years, I can say that this is the friendliest and cleanest gym we have ever attended. Me and my husband have lost over 250 pounds combined and its all thanks to Omni. The staff is wonderful!!

Nikki & Steven Prescott, Members since 2010 - Rock Hill, SC


The smiling faces at the front desk!

Jeanie Alexander, Member Since 2005 - Rock Hill, SC


Omni is a great place to workout! It's very clean. There are great teachers and trainers and my kids love going to the child care. I love being able to workout without worrying about my kids.

Kim Manning, Member Since 2005 - Rock Hill, SC


The best location to bring your whole family! The staff and management really care about your experience and fitness growth. Not just a gym but a community of friends! Thank you Omni for making it a home away from home!

Paul Inman, Member Since 2007 - Rock Hill, SC


Great center, great equipment, great classes, and great people. It's a place to enhance body and mind. I love to do my cardio workout in the Cinema Room.

Carol Denis, Member Since 2008 - Rock Hill, SC


Omni Fitness has the friendliest staff you can ask for and I'm glad to be a part of the Omni Family.

Ronny Gibson, Member Since 2009 - Rock Hill, SC


The staff is very friendly and always willing to help me out with my fitness needs.

Mandi Howe, Member Since 2011 - Rock Hill, SC


I have been a member for approximately two weeks. It has been good for me to be here working out with others. Great variety of machines to keep me interested. I have noticed a few of my friends are members as well. Great location with plenty of parking. 10 out of 10!

Tony Lane, Member Since 2012 - Rock Hill, SC


If Omni Fitness wasn’t a part of my life, I'd still HATE working out. A friend of mine introduced me to this gym seven years ago and I instantly wanted to join. I was tired of how I felt and looked and was ready for a change. The Cinema Room with cardio equipment sold me! The classes challenged and strengthened me. Slowly but surely I grew to look forward to investing my time making myself healthy and strong.

Kyra Corley, Member Since 2005 - Rock Hill, SC


Good equipment! Good place to workout!

Randy Witte, Member Since 2006 - Rock Hill, SC


Great facility! Everything I need to keep in shape. Thanks!

Mark Bentley, Member Since 2010 - Rock Hill, SC


Omni is Fantastic! Fitness results start right here.

Don Osborne, Member Since 2010 - Rock Hill, SC


Great place to improve physically. Fun staff to work with.

Richard Deese, Member Since 2011 - Rock Hill, SC


Great place for a Total Body Workout. I'll Be Back!

Jerome Sanders, Member Since 2011 - Rock Hill, SC


Nice people, nice environment. They show you how to use the equipment properly.

Alan Urquhart, Member Since 2010 - Rock Hill, SC


Overall a great facility, great equipment, and pleasant environment.

Ron Elmore, Member Since 2005 - Rock Hill, SC


I have been to other gyms, but Omni totally surpasses them not only in equipment but in personnel as well. My motto is: Great gym, great people.

Alice Keziah, Member Since 2011 - Rock Hill, SC


It's a great, clean facility to make exercising pleasurable.

Drew McClure, Member Since 2011 - Rock Hill, SC


Omni Fitness is Awesome! Best gym on the planet!

Chris Guetler, Member Since 2011 - Rock Hill, SC


I have been a member since the opening. I enjoy the aerobic classes. The facility is nice and clean and they make sure we have towels and safe equipment to use. I love OMNI!

Nancy Dixon-McMullen, Member Since 2007 - Rock Hill, SC


I've been here for four years now and it's a great place to be. Omni has been good to me.

Jeremy Herring, Member Since 2008 - Rock Hill, SC


Wonderful hours and a lot of great workout equipment to use. Great workout programs daily. I just love it.

Hermelia Walls, Member Since 2012 - Rock Hill, SC


Omni is one of the best places; I love being here. It's a great workout place! The staff is great and very polite.

Billy Rhynes, Member Sine 2011 - Fayetteville, NC


Very friendly atmosphere. Has everything I need and is always clean. I love it here. Only gym in Fayetteville I would go to.

Jen Stanley, Member Since 2011 - Fayetteville, NC


I've been with Omni Fitness for one month and have already seen great improvement with my body. Amazing workout equipment and the trainers are the best. Just tell them what it is you are trying to do and right away they can help you get the look you have desired for a long time. I love it and look forward to continuing my workouts.

Gladys Kelly, Member Since 2012 - Greenwood, SC


When I first walked through the doors of Omni Fitness, I was amazed, as well as impressed. The owners and the staff were so friendly and eager to show me the fitness center. I was immediately taken on a tour and shown everything that was available to me as a member. The cardio machines and weight lifting machines were phenomenal. A huge free weight room caught my attention right off. Everything you need and want is available at Omni Fitness. I was eager to join and the staff set me up ASAP as a member. Options for a personal trainer is also available, which I did sign up for. I am pleased with my trainer, Liz, she is very good and inspiring. She seems eager to assist me in achieving my goals. I have begun my cardio, weight loss, and weight lifting goals, and am already seeing results. The staff, my trainer, and members have complimented me on my results. I have been a member now going on three months. One thing I remember after joining was the comment the manager told me, “In three weeks you will feel better and in three months you will look better.” And she is so right! Thank you Omni Fitness for providing me with the tools, equipment, and inspiration for achieving my goals. I intend to keep Omni Fitness in my life. Thank you.

Kathy Rhinehart, Member Since 2012 - Greenwood, SC

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