Heal thy Life

(Smoothie Bar)

Enjoy a healthy meal replacement option or your choice of pre and post workout drinks as well. The smoothie bar is open to all members enjoy between normal operating hours. Heal Thy Life uses a unique blend of products to create a healthy and tasty option!!

Cardio Cinema

For those of us who like time to pass by a little quicker on the treadmill please check out our Cardio Cinema. Inside the Cinema take your choice of treadmill, elliptical, recumbent bikes, and stationary Bikes. Movies are rotated around daily.

Ladies Only

Our Ladies Only area is a fully equipped fitness room directly off of the women's locker room. Ranging from a variety of Life Fitness Pro Series Machines, benches, free weights, medicine balls, and exercise matt’s. Enjoy the convenience of a more intimate setting with other ladies!!

Locker Rooms

Included in all memberships is access to lockers, showers, and saunas. Locks are not provided and we ask that all locks be removed after use.

Personal Training

Our Certified Personal Trainers are here to help members reach their fullest potential. Trainers work with their clients on a 1 on 1 basis. Workouts are time effective and structured for clients before they arrive at the gym. PT will also provide customized workouts for clients days they work out on their own, nutrition counseling and guidance, as well as added accountability with bi-weekly check-in and monthly measurements.

Group Exercise

Omni offers a variety of group exercise classes from Les Mills, Zumba, Spin, and many more unique to Omni Fitness. We provide all of the necessary equipment as well as matt’s. Please bring a water bottle and a towel!!!

Functional Turf

Our state of the art Functional Turf Area features a 2500sq feet of 5mm padded turf, Functional Training RIG, Trx suspension training, wall ball shots, t-bar row, wall balls, medicine balls, medicine balls w/ handles, slam balls, weight adjustable tire flip, battle ropes, sleds, padded box jumps, concept 2 rowers, 6’ heavy bags and tear drop style bags for boxing. This area is open to all members.

Child Care

Child Care offers a closely monitored play environment with state of the art inflatable bounce houses, a relaxation area equipped with a TV and quieter activities for those who prefer arts and crafts. There are two main parts to the Kid Zone, an open are for kids 4 and up as well as a separate more private area for 4 and under. Our highly qualified staff hosts monthly date nights for the parents and birthday parties on weekend!

Mon-Thurs 8:45am-12:30pm & 4:45pm-8:30pm
Friday 8:45am-12:20pm
Saturday 8:45am-12pm

Free weight’s

Omni comes equipped with a full service free weight section. 2 set’s of dumbbells ranging from 5lbs-100lbs. We also have multiple squat racks, smith machines, flat benches, adjustable benches, as well as flat, incline, and decline stationary benches.


We have tanning beds available for those who like to stay tan year round.

The Yard

We like to cater to all types of lifters and exercise enthusiast. In the very back of the gym is a private area designed for individuals who like to lift heavy and loud. The room has been equipped with extra rubber flooring, squat racks, dead lift platforms, free weights from 25lbs to 120lbs, as well as a turf strip with sled. You can open the garage doors and lift as loud as you like. We do ask that these types of workouts/lifts remain in “The Yard”.

Pulse ZT

Pulse zone training is a heart rate monitored small group personal training program for individuals who prefer the extra motivation and accountability of working in a group setting. Workouts are designed to build lean muscle and burn body fat. These workouts are structured and designed like a personal training program giving all of the same advantages of proper training. Participants will also be given a training guide for days not with group as well as monthly check-in and measurements.

Contest Prep

If you have every thought of taking your training or result’s to the next level we have an in house coach with 20+ years experience writing competition style training and nutrition protocols.

On the Go Kuttz

(barber shop and salons)

On the Go Kuttz takes walk-ins’ as well as works from appointments for added convenience. Please stop by and ask for Tye!!

Machines and Equipment

Take advantage of our many types of resistance training equipment. Omni features full lines of:

  1. 1.) Life Fitness Signature Series
  2. 2.) Life Fitness Pro Series
  3. 3.) Life Fitness MTS Series
  4. 4.) Life Fitness Cable Systems
  5. 5.) Hammer Strength

Cardio Deck

Enjoy a variety of cardio choices on extremely diverse cardio deck. All pieces come equipped with heart rate monitors for added safety and effectiveness to workouts. Omni features the following types of cardio:

  1. 1.) Treadmills
  2. 2.) Ellipticals
  3. 3.) Stationary bikes
  4. 4.) Recumbent bikes
  5. 5.) Spin bikes
  1. 6.) Espresso bike
  2. 7.) Arc Trainers
  3. 8.) Stairmasters
  4. 9.) AMT Trainer
  1. 10.) Summit trainers
  2. 11.) Jacob’s Ladder
  3. 12.) S DRIVE Treadmills
  1. 13.) Assault bikes
  2. 14.) Concept 2 Rowers